Energy and media data collection

with Ball and Roller Bearings Leipzig GmbH

Customer Benefits

  • Basic key figures for certified energy management
  • Individual connection of the measuring points in the heterogeneous systems landscape
  • Representation of media flows via Sankey diagrams
  • Optimization of the energy mix usage
manufacturing plant Leipzig
activities production of basic and custom-made ball bearing
head count 216
sales 20 Mio. EUR



Introduction of an energy monitoring system for operating, as well as media data that acts as the basis for a company's own certified energy management.


The connection and read outs of all relevant operating and media data counters were carried out with the ISYS gateway. The ISYS platform module "Energy Management" calculates the necessary key figures and presents them in target group oriented diagrams.

If the number of measuring points increases, the solution can be scaled accordingly. There is also the possibility of system expansion with additional ISYS modules for complete production management.