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Module overview

Kommunikation Ebene 4 (ERP) Kommunikation Ebene 2, 1 (Automatisierung) Produktion Material Qualität Instandhaltung Analyse Daten- erfassung Verfolgung Feinplanung Disposition Ausführung Definitions- Management Ressourcen- Management

Production data collection is the foundation for every MES solution and continuous improvement process in industrial production and manufacturing.

Flexibly configurable analysis of production data - the key to transforming information into knowledge about manufacturing processes and entire value chains.

Detailed planning enables the anticipatory and effective use of valuable resources despite dynamically changing requirements.

The production control center. All processes in view with the possibility to intervene quickly and effectively at any time.

Cleanly synchronized use of self-sufficient units and machines even with flying order changes.

Effective production control through perfectly synchronized material management down to the last small part and the smallest amount of loose goods.

Optimal use and consistent care of valuable technical equipment to bring under one roof despite production under full throttle.

Improve product quality and process safety through seamless integration of order-related quality checks into the manufacturing process.

Transparent integration of external services in the internal production process up to execution control in operation.