ISYS Core System

ISYS Core System

Production data acquisition is the foundation for any MES solution and any continuous improvement processes in industrial production and manufacturing.

Production data of any type and from any kind of source is acquired automatically or manually and analyzed either directly or retrospectively. Independent from the used methodologies (e.g. Lean Six Sigma) this data and the context in which it is acquired is the key for focused conduction and optimization of a manufacturing process.

In order to achieve maximum benefit from the gained data the acquisition must follow a structure that enables using it long term and in any combination and correlation, as it is required by an integrated Production Management.

Kommunikation Ebene 4 (ERP) Kommunikation Ebene 2, 1 (Automatisierung) Produktion Material Qualität Instandhaltung Analyse Daten- erfassung Verfolgung Feinplanung Disposition Ausführung Definitions- Management Ressourcen- Management

As the foundation for modularly extendible MES solutions the module ISYS Core System firstly includes the complete system infrastructure

  • from acquisition through storage, aggregation and archiving of any kind of master and transactional data
  • up to web-based user frontend for the operational use of the MES solution as well as its configuration and parameterization.

The engineering is primarily carried out by consequently model-based configuration and parameterization based on international standards for MES functions, especially ISA-95 (IEC/EN 622264) and ISA-88 (IEC/EN 61512). An application-oriented and cross-area harmonization enables a consistent mapping also for hybrid manufacturing processes that include – beside using of intra-logistics (storage and transport) – portions of process technology as well as discrete manufacturing.

The model-based approach includes all aspects, from the definition of physical plant structures and the related data points up to the complete mapping of all parts of a complex, multi-stage manufacturing process that have to be synchronized with each other.

At the same time, this forms the basis for Resource Management based on operational states. In fact their consideration is already of importance in relation to pure data analysis (e.g. OEE), but is especially core functionality for using scheduling, dispatching and execution management of order-controlled processes.

Finally the module ISYS Core System also provides the complete infrastructure and functionality for bi-directional communication with external systems

  • from the ERP system (level 4)
  • through other systems acting on MES level like a WMS or a LIMS (level 3)
  • down to the automation system of a unit or machine (levels 2 and 1).

For the implementation of parts of the MES functions as well as the interface to the automation level the module ISYS Core System relies on the Wonderware-System Platform, especially Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Application Server.

Communication with external systems

Beside the communication required for the acquisition of large quantities of data from external systems on automation level, the transactional communication plays an important role for, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). Here is where the model-based configuration comes into play again.

By means of so-called

  • Connectors and
  • Sockets

the module ISYS Core System can be extended modularly.

The selection of the corresponding component defines the communication channel ("language"), by which the communication with the external system will be established and the role the MES solution holds in relation to the external system (Master/Slave). Afterwards communication transactions can be configured matching to the partner system via the engineering frontend.