ISYS Detailed Planning

optimal integration

Optimize Manufacturing Processes

  • create transparency in production
  • reduce production costs
  • minimize resource usage
  • maximize capacity utilization
  • customer satisfaction through punctuality

ISYS Planning and Controlling

For both rough and detailed planning, an interactive planning board is the central basis for planning. It allws you to view the results of automatic planning using Gantt charts and capacity mountain graphs. It also allows manual assignment of operations to existing resources. Each process contains all the necessary information, such as: start to finish dates, processing progress, required resources, and the real time status of the operation.

Operations that can not be automatically scheduled or violate logical synergies with other operations due to manual scheduling ,are listed in a conflict list and highlighted in color in the scheduling diagram. Our system is also able to provide you with prioritized solutions for conflict resolution in the event of conflict situations.

An important functionality is the simulation mode. This enables you to make planning changes, such as: spontaneous burdens on a key executive order, and to anticipate the impact on other orders. As a result, you can always keep an eye on your available capacities and delivery dates.

Core functions

  • automatic and manual planning
  • optimization of several target values
  • forward and backward planning
  • estimation
  • simulative loading of orders
  • conflict management
  • growing parts list / work plan
  • variable planning horizons

Configuration options for planning

Various parameters can be freely configured for planning. You can,for example,specify different target criteria with selectable priorities and the calculation duration for planning. The integrated library of mathematical, multi-criteria optimization algorithms can be extended to include customer-specific target values.

Transparent production processes

With ISYS Planning and Control, we offer you a sophisticated planning system, which with the help of fast mathematical algorithms is able to plan efficiently and with high accuracy, even with large existing data volumes. The system allows you:

  • optimum utilization of resources
  • optimization of set-up times
  • high deadline and delivery reliability
  • continuous review of the production process