Production and recipe management

by the BASF Catalysts GmbH

Customer Benefits

  • Uniform and integrated production management system
  • Recipe generation and recipe optimization, remainder quantity consideration
  • Batch traceability
  • Automated creation of all production papers (150 variants) and their archiving
manufacturing plant Nienburg
activities coating of catalysts for utility vehicle
head count 200
sales 70 Mio. EUR



The requirement is to merge production-relevant data in a uniform system. There should be should ensured control of the processes of the two-stage production process, as well as their complete documentation. Another objective was to provide an up-to-date overview of actual production conditions, machine utilization and stock levels in a single system.


The ISYS-MES solution now integrates data from nearly 25 partner systems and databases such as the Laboratory Information System (LIMS) or the production control (InBatch and InTouch from Wonderware). The focus is on the management of order-driven business processes from the acceptance of production orders from SAP, to the recipe optimization including the consideration of residual quantities, to scheduling , to order execution, as well as the inclusion of comprehensive documentation up to the feedback and then to SAP.