ISYS Analysis & Reports

ISYS Analysis & Reports

Flexibly configurable analysis of production data – The key to turning information into knowledge about manufacturing processes and entire added value chains.

With increasing complexity of value added chains and the manufacturing processes being integrated in them also the holistic approach for optimisation becomes more and more challenging.

Against this background, Big Data means not more and not less than the inversion of a central paradigm of data management, enabled by the increasingly fast evolving technical capabilities.

Up to now, the definition of the objectives of data analysis was in focus. Type as well as quantity of data to be acquired was tailored to these requirements  - in the spirit of minimized.

Meanwhile the focus moves continuously towards to – in a positive spirit - unselective acquisition of a variety of data in large quantity, in order to allow defining the perspective of data analysis retroactively depending on the objective as flexible as possible.

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After the module ISYS Core System provides the infrastructure for acquisition of big data quantities, the module ISYS Analysis & Reports represents the associated analysis tool and enables

  • the flexible aggregation of data,
  • the correlation of different kinds of data with each other and
  • especially the presentation of data in different ways.

For this purpose integrated functions are available which allow to be tailored to the corresponding requirements, especially

  • the online presentation of aggregated data and analysis results as part of the user interface by means of so-called dashboards and
  • the creation, provision and distribution of standardized reports as electronic documents.

In case of a BI tool already being introduced and established within the user's organisation, the module ISYS Analysis &]Reportsprovides a special interface for simplified access to the available data, in order to create the required dashboards and reports with the existing tool rather than the internal functions of the ISYS platform.

Tracking & Tracing

One of the central applications for the data analysis is tracking & tracing that can be implemented based on the acquisition of production data without necessarily using schedulingdispatching or execution management for order-controlled processes. For this purpose the module ISYS Analysis & Reports can be extended by corresponding features.

Order and lot IDs can be acquired in relation to processes, materials and utilized resources and put in correlation with any other kind of data in a flexible manner. Based on that it is possible to trace distinct material quantities regarding their synthesis (material source) as well as consumption (material sink) in both direction throughout the entire internal value added chain, as far as it is mapped to the MES solution.

Adaptable dashboards and reports

Based on the requirements of the manufacturing enterprise all necessary functions of the MES solution will be implemented within the project, including data analysis, dashboards and reports.

In case the requirements cannot be distinctly defined or the necessity of frequent modifications is conceivable, the user should be in the position to  carry out the corresponding modifications himself. Therefor the module ISYS Analysis & Reports can as an option be extended with tools allowing self-contained design of new as well as modification of existing dashboards and reports.