ISYS Cable Management

Process efficiency on the construction site

Project success through quality

  • on-time completion
  • situation-oriented stock
  • optimization of waste quantities
  • mobile data collection
  • consistent revision-proof documentation

Order Processing and Work Preparation

Every successful job begins with good preparation, knowledge of what resources are available, and what goals to achieve. With ISYS you can answer all these questions - not only at the beginning, but throughout the project.

Warehouse and Material Management

A basic requirement and an essential element of every project execution in the construction industry, is materials management. It is characterized by the constant balancing act of keeping material on time availability, taking into account minimal storage space and times. With ISYS you avoid unnecessary capital tie-up through situation-appropriate material orders.

ISYS supports your processes from material procurement and storage to the issue or return of material. ISYS uses planning and project master data to determine quantities and packing sizes that are already optimized in purchasing.

Status Management and Control

The detailed and hierarchical status management allows the accurate tracking of the service provision and the degree of completion of work orders.

Your project success is based on the skill to act with the knowledge of all key figures. ISYS supports you in project management by the transparent representation of the current building activity and various control methods in the project execution and construction execution.

Quality Management

Today, quality is a service of the contractor that is basically demanded by the client and that is not always named in any negotiated order position. ISYS gives you the opportunity to deliver consistently high-quality work and revision-proof documents with little effort. The use of barcodes to identify documents and records is self-evident.

Data Collection

A management system thrives on analyzing data and deriving successful decisions from it. In the field of construction, ISYS offers various possibilities of data acquisition. Mobile terminals, time, materials and stock metering standardize and automate inventories significantly.

Your advantages:

  • elimination of media breaks
  • plausibility checks during input
  • increase process efficiency
  • working on current data

Aufmaßerstellung und -abrechnung

The billing component ISYS allowance Light can be used to write uniform allowances and generate meaningful reports for a higher-level system. Include your subcontractors in the assessment record.

Information Management

One of the most important skills involved in a construction project is communication. It requires a comprehensive and well-founded knowledge as a basis. ISYS allows you to exchange information with any project partner via a web platform. To do this, we provide a powerful data warehouse front end for internal analysis and allow you to add non-system files to a data set.